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An Electronic Logging Device (ELD) refers to electronic equipment that attaches to commercial motor vehicle’s engines. The ELD is designed to record the number of driving hours. It also monitors the engine of the vehicle in order to track data regarding whether the engine is running, if the vehicle is moving, how many miles were driven and how long the engine was operating for. Prior to the mandate of the ELDs, truckers had to use paper logs in order to track their hours of service “Hos”.

The ELD Rule

In December 2015, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration mandated the ELD Rule.

The ELD mandate came as an attempt to improve road safety. It’s also designed to minimize the number of road accidents in the United States. The ELD Rule states that all commercial truck drivers who need to prepare hours of service (HOS) do so via an electronic logging device as far as it’s concerned.

ELD Compliance

Many commercial truckers are looking for applications for their smartphones or tablets as an ELD alternative. These apps are built with drivers and fleet managers in mind. The apps feature smart interfaces with easy-to-use and understand features.

CSA Scores & Dot Audits

However, the app needs to be connected to the ECM port of the vehicle to be in compliance

There is much more to the trucking industry than just driving a big rig from point A to point B. Truck drivers are subject to some rules and stringent testing they must regularly pass.

A CSA score is used by the FMSCA to determine if a motor carrier is high-risk. Each carrier’s score is determined on each individual driver’s performance data. This includes roadside inspection violations and any state-reported crashes.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) will regularly conduct audits on trucking companies to make sure they’re in compliance with all mandated regulations. These audits are often performed with little to no notice in advance. It’s important that all carriers and drivers are always prepared and keeping accurate records throughout the year.

When a driver is using an ELD the way it’s designed to be used, they often find that their CSA scores improve. They also may notice that they’re protected from unexpected DOT audits as well.

E-Logbook Application

E-Logbook is an electronic logbook available for both Android and iOS users. This system makes preparing HOS a breeze. All log data gets stored in a unified system. The app provides easy access and real-time data.

Benefits of E-Logbook

Drivers who use E-Logbook report better roadside inspections and an overall improvement of their CSA scores. These drivers also report having protection from DOT audits. This logbook system completely replaces the need for handwritten logs. If critical violations are approaching, the app will warn and notify the driver. In the event of a roadside inspection, E-logbook allows drivers to access and search through all of their reports quickly.

The E-Logbook Driver App is designed after traditional paper logging systems. This makes learning a new interface intuitive and straightforward. It’s effortless to use and learn and will help to prevent any logging errors that can put question marks on the driver’s compliance.

Drivers who use this application find that they spend less time filling out annoying paperwork. This ultimately leaves them with more time on the road.

E-Logbook uses a cellular network to connect instead of Bluetooth like other ELD trucking software.

It provides real-time GPS for the vehicle and the driver. All data is consistently being updated and kept in the Cloud to prevent any problems from lost data. The application will provide information about driving dynamics such as their speed and if the Check Engine light has been turned on.

Whether you’ve been a trucker for fifty years or getting into your big rig for the first time, an electronic logging device is essential. Thanks to advances in technology, truckers no longer need to work with pen and paper to keep track of their vital driving information. Applications for your smartphone are the way of the future. They provide a streamlined approach to access and input all necessary data. E-Logbook is the ELD trucking software in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store is the recommended app to use.